October 10, 2003


The 64-Bit Question 
New processors from Intel, AMD, and Apple/IBM offer more speed and access to much more memory. But upgrading involves more than wanting to go faster.
By Salvatore Salamone

Digging Into Digital Quarries 
Industrial-strength software is helping discover unexpected connections in the scientific literature.
By Mark D. Uehling

Strategic Insights 
· Introduction 
· In Situ Chips on Demand
· Microarrays That Make Drugs Safe
· Best Practices in Microarray Experiment Design and Informatics Management 
· Microarrays Industrialize SNP Genotyping 
· Glad You Shared That 
· Analyze That 
Ellison Charts Course for 10g
From Sanger to ‘Sequenater’
Gridlock Is a Good Thing at Novartis
Novartis’ Matter Goes to Singapore
GTG Suing Applera, Covance over Junk DNA Patent
First HapMap Data Posted
TOE Gives Poke to Servers
Working on the Pharma-IT Railroad
New CRO Takes On EDC Vendors
Protein Folding, Anyone?


Diving for Ocean Genomes
The race to preserve genetic treasures is getting help from genomics.

Protein Structure Prediction in Drug Discovery 
Indications are that structure prediction can assist in the automated assignment of proteins to known pathways.


First Base | Kevin Davies
The Iressa experience highlights the enormous stakes surrounding breakthrough therapies.

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
Venture financing numbers are in for Q2, and the news is not all bad.

Fully Equipped | By Robert Frederickson
Ardais is building a repository of clinical samples and related patient data.

The Dodge Retort | By John Dodge
Does IT matter? And why does that question refuse to go away?


New Products
Tripos SARNavigator Guides Researchers · Guava Adds GFP to Analysis System · MiraiBio Introduces DNASIS GeneIndex Service