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| A Bio-IT World special section



By Anthony Strattner

Strategic Insights 
· Introduction
· In Situ Chips on Demand
· Microarrays That Make Drugs Safe
· Best Practices in Microarray Experiment Design and Informatics Management 
· Microarrays Industrialize SNP Genotyping 
· Glad You Shared That 
· Analyze That 

October 10, 2003 | This special report reflects the steady maturation of what has become essential technology for gene expression research — and soon essential technology for clinical diagnostics. Our contributors, subject experts all, cover DNA chip progress in key areas such as cost, customization, and toxicogenomics.

Just as new generations of microprocessors relentlessly trim the cost per MIPS (millions of instructions per second), microarray makers are finding ways to economize, too. One such method, explained by Mel Kronick in the opening article, uses in situ chip fabrication with reagents delivered by micron-scale inkjet devices.

And in the accompanying piece, Donna Mendrick explains how "tox chips" can improve drug development and patient safety in a kind of virtuous circle of gene expression profiling.

Be sure to visit our Web site for extra Strategic Insights coverage of DNA microarrays, including an article on experiment design, data analysis, and applied informatics by Jack Pollard.

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