October 14, 2004

New Styles in Storage Architecture
A gaggle of maverick data storage firms is challenging staid approaches to data handling — and winning converts in the process
By Salvatore Salamone

Global Positioning
International Economic Development For companies in search of a better location or international presence, countries in Asia and Europe are offering a host of incentives, including tax credits and reduced red tape.
By Teri Robinson and Bob Violino

SOURCEBOOK: High-Performance Computing
Muscle in the Middle
New processor designs are giving a price/performance boost to midrange Unix servers.

Business+Strategy IT+Informatics
Burnham's All Business
MANAGEMENT Cancer research institute turns to the biotech industry.

Change Will Do You Good
Bio·IT World boasts a new layout, designed for readers' accessibility.

Taking Care of Business
SOFTWARE TOOLS New investment management software catches on in biopharma boardrooms.

Go East
Nothing Ventured | All signs point to improvement in the Chinese biotech sector.
By Michael A. Greeley

Increased ROI
Insights | Outlook Pathways analysis applications have many uses in pharma.
By Zachary Zimmerman

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Tackling the Threat Within
DATA SECURITY | Vormetric guards data by restricting internal access.

Benchmarks: Your Performance May Vary
SUPERCOMPUTING | Does the list of top 500 supercomputers really help?

Riding the New Wave
CHEMOINFORMATICS | TRENDS Software meets the needs of drug discovery.

Rewriting the Rulebook
GUEST COMMENTARY | IBM says its Blue Gene can routinely simulate microsecond time scales.

IT's Alive!
Inside the Box | Storage, servers, and other new tools under scrutiny in The BioTeam lab.
By Chris Dagdigian

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Science+Technology In Every Issue
Not-So-Cool DNA Storage
AUTOMATION | GenVault offers DNA archiving with no freezer burn.

Galileo Opts for Illumina
COMPLEX TRAITS | BeadStations can produce 1.2 million genotypes a day.

Nanosphere Strikes Gold
Fully Equipped | Detection method needs only a minuscule amount of target DNA.
By Robert M. Frederickson

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New Products

Stem Cells and the Ballot Box
First Base | Science policy is rarely pivotal in elections, but this year could be different.
By Kevin Davies

Deciphering Genstruct
The Russell Transcript | This young systems biology company is a modeler with a twist.
By John Russell