November 2002


A Virtual Pharmacopeia 
Computational modeling of disease pathways, organs — even patients — could transform drug discovery. Does salvation exist in silico?
By Michael Goldman

Divide and Distribute
The trickle of adopters of Web Services — the latest distributed computing architecture — may soon grow to a flood of users, a few nagging problems notwithstanding.
By Salvatore Salamone

Strategic Insights 
Genes & Liens 
After the Gene Rush
Patently More Difficult
Navigating Gene Patent Minefields
Are Gene Patents in the Public Interest?

Who’s Alpha Now? IBM In, HP Out
Wanted: The $1,000 Genome
Tidying Up the Microarray Data Mess
Giving XML Special Treatment
Search for FDA Leader Ends
Now Screening: Dust-Busters
Chipping Away at AIDS Mystery
Clinical Data Standards Face Uphill Battle
United Offers On-Demand Grid
Celera, LabCorp Join in Creating Improved Diagnostic Tests
Humans Fall Further from Family Tree
Genomics According to Haseltine
Pioneering Pharmacogenomics Standards


John Craig Venter Unvarnished
CONVERSATION The former Celera CEO talks about that company's politics, the future of sequencing technology, and his own genome.

A Collision of Continents
GUEST COMMENTARY Biology and technology have evolved and merged to create the brave new world of "biotronics."

The Business of Bioinformatics
GUEST COMMENTARY The industry has reached an interesting crossroads.

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies
Adventures at the Cannes Finance Festival

Business Watch | Debra Goldfarb · IDC
Disruption — The Real Revolution 

Paper View | Kevin Davies
DNA for Dummies? 

New Products
InforMax Enhances Analytical Tools · ABI Lets ICAT out of Bag · Biocluster in a Box

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
Integration for the Masses