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InforMax Launches String Of Enhanced Analytical Tools
Vector Xpression, Vector NTI Advance, LabShare for Vector NTI, GenoMax 3.4
InforMax Inc.
Nov 12, 2002

LION Bioscience Markets New DiscoveryCenter Integration Platform
LION DiscoveryCenter
Lion Bioscience AG
Nov 12, 2002

Agilent Introduces Knowledge Base Platform for Drug Discovery
Synapsia Informatics Workbench
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Nov 12, 2002

UberTOOL Provides New Means for Managing an Abundance of Diverse Biological Data
uberTOOL 1.0
The Science Factory GmbH
Nov 12, 2002

StorageTek Tape Mirroring Solution Prevents Data Loss
Tape Mirroring software
Storage Technology Corp.
Nov 12, 2002

Accelerator Gets Boost with XML Support
Accelerator with XML support
Expand Networks
Nov 12, 2002

Biocluster in a Box
RLX Technologies Inc. has introduced new blade server hardware and software packages that, when combined together, deliver a high-performance cluster to meet the computational needs of life science companies.
RLX Technologies Inc.
Nov 12, 2002

GeneData Bolsters Analysis Tool Proteomics Research
GeneData Impressionist 2.0
GeneData Inc.
Nov 12, 2002

Aperio Technologies Develops Two New Virtual Slide Applications
Virtual Slide Server Software; Web Server Software
Aperio Technologies Inc.
Nov 12, 2002

ABI Lets the ICAT out of the Bag
Cleavable ICAT Reagents
Applied Biosystems Group
Nov 12, 2002

New Microarray Supplies Round out Sunergia Product Line
Microarray slides; EasyHyb one-hour hybridization solution; spotting solutions; epoxy linker starter kits
Sunergia Medical
Nov 12, 2002

Amersham's Lucidea Eases Hybridization Step of Microarray Processing
Lucidea SlidePro Hybridizer
Amersham Biosciences Corp.
Nov 12, 2002

Quovadx Adds HIPAA Support to QDX
Quovadx Inc.
Quovadx Inc.
Nov 12, 2002

Software Aims to Identify Promising Products
Accolade 4.0
Sopheon Corp.
Nov 12, 2002

Liquent Offers Free Utility to Aid in eCTD Submissions
eCTD Assistant 1.0
Liquent Inc.
Nov 12, 2002

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