November 14, 2003


Ultimate Analysis 
With the necessary tools at hand, the race is on to build — and market — the first affordable, portable, fully functional DNA analyzer. Is the world ready?
By Elizabeth Gardner

Profiting from the BioShield
How can software developers ensure a share of the tremendous biodefense funding available to bio-IT companies — and what are the risks?
By Jason B. Lee

Special Issue 
· Strategic Insights :
Health Informatics
· Targeted Medicine via Molecular Diagnostics
· Making Information-Based Medicine Work
· Integrated EHR: The Final Frontier
· Finding a Pathway for EMR and EDC Integration 
Merck: We’re So Late We’re Early
U.K. Prepares to Open World’s Largest Biobank
When the Chips Are Down
In Silico Studies Shed Light on Immune System
Public Library of Science Opens Its Doors
DeCODE Scientists Decode Stroke Gene
Dedicated Hardware Pushes Speed Limits
Eyes on the In Silico Prize
Senate Finally Passes Genetic Nondiscrimination Bill


Pfizer's Man with the R&D Plan
Peter Corr on IT, clinical trials, and his -billion budget.

Genomics Provides the Kick Inside 
New tools and business structures show signs of plumping early-stage pipelines.

Horsepower for Hire
On-demand computing services provide an alternative to buying the server farm.

Over the Rainbow Yet?
Consolidation slows, valuations grow, and now hope for some IPOs.


First Base | Kevin Davies
Paul Allen's new brain institute blazes a trail.

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
How much compensation is "appropriate"?

Fully Equipped | By Julia Boguslavsky
454's genome center in a box.

The Russell Transcript | By John Russell
A visit to Shanghai, China's future capital of biotech.


New Products
PerkinElmer goes further with imaging · ABI displays Affinity for analysis · OctigaBay multiprocessor system aims to eliminate computing bottlenecks.