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PE Takes Imaging Integration a Step Further
PerkinElmer Life Sciences
Nov 14, 2003

Applied Biosystems Displays Affinity for Antibody Analysis
8500 Affinity Chip Analyzer
Applied Biosystems
Nov 14, 2003

Amersham Pumps Up MegaBACE
MegaBACE 4500
Amersham Biosciences Corp.
Nov 14, 2003

Quantum Tape Drive Designed for Enterprise Storage
SDLT 600
Nov 14, 2003

Ariadne Genomics Serves Up New PathwayAssist for Data Analysis
PathwayAssist 2.0
Ariadne Genomics
Nov 14, 2003

OpenEye ROCS Shape Searches
ROCS 2.0
OpenEye Scientific Software
Nov 14, 2003

Accolade for Product Development with Life Science Hook
Sopheon Corp.
Nov 14, 2003

Open Text Adds PDFs for Regulatory Compliance
Livelink Review Manager for Acrobat
Open Text Corp.
Nov 14, 2003

Hanging Tight: OctigaBay 12K Multiprocessor Grasps HPC
OctigaBay 12K
Nov 14, 2003

Beyond Modular Computing:RLX Says Have It Your Way
RLX ServerBlade 2600ie, 2800ie, and 3000ix; RLX 600ex, RLX FibreChannel SAN
RLX Technologies Inc.
Nov 14, 2003

Tools Help Researchers Go with the Workflow
TurboWorx Builder, TurboWorx Group, TurboWorx Enterprise, TurboWorx ClusterManager
Nov 14, 2003

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