November 14, 2004

Safety Last?
Antiquated reporting of adverse events in clinical trials is costing pharma billions — and forcing it to seek new pharmacovigilance solutions.
By Mark D. Uehling

Following Festo
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY · Considered one of the most important patent decisions in history, the Supreme Court’s Festo ruling has great significance for biotech inventions.
By Murray Spruill and Kathryn Coulter

Patents and Genomic Medicine
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY · Patents, so critical to encouraging investment in developing new technologies, threaten to become a legal and economic minefield that could prevent effective commercial exploitation of genomics.
By David P. Lentini and Stephen A. Bent

SOURCEBOOK: Microarrays
Matters of Interpretation
Insightful Corp.’s Michael O’Connell discusses the importance of statistical rigor when analyzing data from microarrays. Plus: a directory of microarray-related vendors.
By John Russell

Business+Strategy IT+Informatics
Not Dead Yet
HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING · Paracel's gone, but users who need speed-boosting gear have a variety of alternatives

Engines of Discovery
DRUG DEVELOPMENT · Three companies reveal innovative uses of technology and data as key to their success

Mirus Index Heads South
MARKET COMPASS · Only a slight dip for discovery companies, but tools providers took a hit in Q3

A Sense of Security
Insights | Outlook · Biobanks should be especially vigilant with regards to hacking attacks.
By Michael Swenson

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New Workstations Take On Bigger Jobs
SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING · 64-bit processors, more memory provide boost for handling 3-D volumes, huge data sets

De-Lovely Pharmaceuticals
COMPANY TO WATCH · De Novo Pharmaceuticals identifies novel compounds — right before your eyes.

The Book on Bioinformatics
CONVERSATION · Research director David Mount on his new book, sequence analysis, and teaching bioinformatics

Web Services Bridge Gaps
Inside the Box · Providing a middle ground between the command line and the Web
By Chris Dwan

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Science+Technology In Every Issue
GSAC Rolls On
SEQUENCING · Conference control passes from TIGR to Venter Institute, but sequencing technology continues marching on

King for a Year
CONVERSATION · Mary-Claire King discusses breast cancer research, complex traits, and human rights.

ABI, Ocimum Stretch LIMS
LAB SYSTEMS · Vendors try to make labware sing, adding ERP, multiplatform, and project-management features

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New Products

Technology and Human Rights
First Base | Using DNA technology to help the victims of human rights abuse.
By Kevin Davies

Industry Temperature
The Russell Transcript | New data offer a glimpse into the year ahead.
By John Russell