December 10, 2002


Bio-IT Shines Bright in Israel
Companies such as Quark and Pharmos are still flourishing as other industries decline in this country torn by conflict.
By Hillel Alpert

Locus Focus
Cheminformatics company Locus Discovery is a technology darling and an entrepreneur's dream, but it faces a dilemma over how much of its proprietary drug discovery software and data to reveal.
By Arielle Emmett

Genomics Consolidation: No Pain, No Gain
IBM: Winning Customers at Any Price
Open-Source Array Analytics
Microarrays and Data Come of Age
Making Sense of Microarrays
Getting Doctors on Board
Protein Sequence Databases Unite
Bio-IT World Conference Report:
IT Needs to Do Its Part for Compliance
Pharma to IT Industry: It’s All Your Fault
Bio-IT World Best of Show Winners


J. Craig Venter Unvarnished, Part II
CONVERSATION The former Celera CEO covers privacy, ESTs, and his new research institutes. 

The Trouble with Pharmaceutical Innovation 
INSIDE INDUSTRY There's a lot of one kind, but not enough of another in pharma land. 

21st Century R&D Strategy: Atlantic or Pacific?
GUEST COMMENTARY The biopharmaceutical sector is divided by two strategic perspectives. 

Alternative Splicing: Listen to the Mouse 
GUEST COMMENTARY The completed mouse genome may help to finally pin down the size of the transcriptome. 

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies
The Wit and Wisdom of Uncle Syd

Business Watch | Mark Hall · IDC
Grids: When Concepts Collide 

Paper View | Kevin Davies
Do Try This @ Home 

New Products
Affy's Latest Chip Release · Agencourt Spices Up SAGE · Biosift Double Header 

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
Take a Tablet and Call Me in the Morning