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Resequencing with Affymetrix' Latest Chip Release, CustomSeq Array
GeneChip CustomSeq Resequencing Array
Affymetrix Inc.
Dec 10, 2002

Amersham Develops Real-Time, High-Throughput Cell-Imaging System
IN Cell Analyzer 3000
Amersham Biosciences Corp.
Dec 10, 2002

PathBlazer Leads Systems Biology Software Charge
Vector PathBlazer
InforMax Inc.
Dec 10, 2002

Accelrys Expands Discovery Studio Line with DS Modeling for Proteomics
DS Modeling
Accelrys Inc.
Dec 10, 2002

Agencourt Discovery Solutions Suite Spices Up SAGE Sequencing
Discovery Solutions
Agencourt Bioscience Corp.
Dec 10, 2002

Gene-IT's Enhanced Biofacet Accelerates Comparative Genomics
Dec 10, 2002

Network Appliance Unfolds Unified Fabric-Attached Storage Platform Line
FAS900 line
Network Appliance Inc.
Dec 10, 2002

Spotfire Frames DecisionSite Posters for Analytic Data Sharing
DecisionSite Posters
Spotfire Inc.
Dec 10, 2002

Genostar is Born
Genostar platform
Genostar Consortium
Dec 10, 2002

Biosift Goes for Double Header
Radia ; Scintilla HUB
Biosift Inc.
Dec 10, 2002

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