December 15, 2003


Model Patient
The pharmaceutical industry remains cautious about computer simulation of clinical trials.
By Mark D. Uehling

Scenes from a Cell
Breakthroughs are making cell-based screening faster, easier, more powerful.
By Malorye A. Branca

Special Issue 
· Strategic Insights :
Intellectual Property & The Law
· When Patents Persist
BY Douglas J. Kline and Duncan A. Greenhalgh
· The Hidden Costs of 'Free Software'
BY Steve Henry and Liza Vertinsk
· Patenting Bioinformatics Tools
BY Dianne M. Rees and John E. Ottaviani
Why Drugs Fail
FDA Guidance: More Questions Than Answers
High-Speed Computing: Clusters, FLOPS, Creativity
C-Sixty Pitches Buckyballs for Drugs
A Diagnostics Dream Team
Big Pharmas Sign Deals with GeneCards
Quick, to the GeneCave!
MIT Researchers Win a GRAM(Y)
Pathway Pandemonium
Unbreakable vs. Disposable


David Botstein: Learning the Language of Systems Biology
Geneticist par excellence on the importance of integrated science.
Interview by Zachary Zimmerman

Diamond in the Desert
Impressive research budgets, pharma talent, and a prodigal son build a biotech oasis in Phoenix.
By Mark D. Uehling


First Base | Kevin Davies
FDA guidance on the road to genomic medicine.

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
Minuscule devices promise big opportunities.

Fully Equipped | By Robert M. Frederickson
Putting a new spin on the proteomics lab.

The Dodge Retort | By John Dodge
An ego-less model for research and innovation.


New Products
Velocity11 delivers microplate systems · Biocept introduces 3-D microarrays · Accelrys ports apps to Linux