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What Was Simulated Simulator Detail
Treatment of type 2 diabetes with Irbesartan Center for Outcomes Research, Basel Computer predicted Irbesartan would delay end-stage renal disease by >1 year
How stroke affects U.S. population Duke University Model compares cost-effectiveness of new, existing therapies
Anti IL-5 therapies against asthma Entelos, Aventis collaboration  Based on computer predictions, Aventis stopped research early
Stimulation of mast cells, sensory nerves in asthma Entelos, Merck collaboration Computer, real-world clinical trial results concurred, but few additional insights
Delivery of a drug into the brain GlaxoSmithKline Computer helped optimize factors affecting in vivo rate of delivery
Effects of migraine medicine Naratriptan (Amerge) on body Manchester University, U.K. Simulation matched real-world trials, helpful in assessment of uncontrollable factors
Treatment regimen for thrombopoietin Optimata Ltd., Israel Computer accurately predicted platelet counts for individual rhesus monkeys
Efficacy of Ziduvudine against HIV/AIDS Pharsight for unidentified client Model included 3,000, "city" and "suburban" virtual patients with specific genotypes
Can drug (mycophenolate mofetil) reduce odds of rejecting kidney transplant? Pharsight for unidentified client Model helped design of clinical trial in real world
30 separate Phase IV trials Pharsight for unidentified client Simulation evaluated company research projects, found one high-value strategy
Economic, lifestyle effects of breast cancer therapies Simul8, ABCSim software Simulation predicted how a variety of factors would affect each other
ADME effects of antiviral medicine ganciclovir Trega Biosciences, Italy Simulation discovered reason for low bioavailability: solubility, not permeability
Prostate cancer diagnosis, risk assessment University Medical Center, Rotterdam Helped plan rationale for screening program for prostate cancer

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