December 15, 2004

Running Interference
The revolution in RNA interference has galvanized basic research. Now, some biopharmas are pushing the technology from the laboratory to the clinic.
By Nancy Weil


Laboratory Information Management Systems
More data, more instruments, more regulations. LIMS are evolving to keep up with research demands.

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The Valley of Innovation
CONVERSATION · Curt Carlson of research hothouse SRI International on technology and accelerating drug development

Springboard for New Companies in San Diego
BUSINESS PLANS · Entrepreneurs get 'tough love' treatment

Silence Is Golden
Insights | Outlook · RNAi therapeutics are poised to become the next major class of drugs.
By Zachary Zimmerman

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Get the Gobbledygook Out
W3C's Semantic Web initiative holds promise for life science's data-integration challenges

IBM, SGI Earn Top Bragging Rights at SC2004
SUPERCOMPUTING · Despite surge in computing power, bioscience problems remain; Microsoft publicly dips toe in HPC waters

Inside the Box · Apple’s new cluster technology may solve your data storage problems.
By Bill Van Etten

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Waters’ Triumph of Tininess
CHROMATOGRAPHY · 1.7-micron particle chemistry edges company forward in the race to supply the most powerful LC equipment

Roche: Computers Map Genes 1,000x Faster
GENOTYPING TOOLS · Swiss company publishes technique in Science linking SNPs, haplotypes to phenotypes in mice

First Trilogy Machine Installed at Mount Sinai
A landmark installation for U.S. Genomics' Single Molecule Analyzer.

New WMDs
Fully Equipped | DESI could bring mass spec to wider markets, even consumers.
By Robert M. Frederickson

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Patients Before Profits?
First Base | After the Vioxx disaster, Pharma needs to reassure patients that they come first.
By Kevin Davies

The Paperless Lab
The Russell Transcript | "Paperless" really means automating drudgery.
By John Russell