March 8, 2005

Revenge is sweet for Apple, now savoring the rise of Mac OS X and Xserve in the lab, but this is still the planting. A difficult growing season lies ahead.
By John Russell

Business and Strategy

  • Is That a Target on Her?
    DATA - Chatting with Deborah Zarin, head of
  • Debating Business Models
    STRATEGY - Panel tackles informatics' basic question: Where's the money?
  • What's New at Big Blue?
    NOTHING VENTURED - The scale of computing has improved dramatically in the life sciences.
    By Michael Greeley 
  • Trends in Biomarkers
    INSIGHTS | OUTLOOK - Companies are centralizing biomarker research to help reduce spending.
    By Patricia L. Reilly

Science + Technology

  • Toward a Tricorder
    FULLY EQUIPPED - Portable devices are more reality than science fiction.
    By Robert M. Frederickson

IT + Informatics

  • Global Grid Team
    GRID COMPUTING - J&J teams with United Devices for grid pilot, to expand to 3,000 nodes by year-end.
  • Microsoft Invests in Europe
    SYSTEMS BIOLOGY - Gates unveils EuroScience research center initiative.
  • Birney Wins Franklin
    INFORMATICS LEADER - Ensembl project leader to be honored at Bio-IT World Conference + Expo in May.
  • Data-Sharing Approach 
    WORKFLOW - InfoSense CEO Yike Guo discusses Shanghai's giant grid computing project to link scientists.
  • Relief for File Servers
    INSIDE THE BOX - Montilio's RapidFile PCI-X card relieves network file server congestion.
    By Chris Dagdigian
  • New Products

    In Every Issue

    • Coming Attractions
      FIRST BASE - Ten reasons why you can't miss the Bio-IT World Conference + Expo in May.
      By Kevin Davies 
    • Entelos' Lofty Aspirations
      THE RUSSELL TRANSCRIPT - A survivor of the systems biology trend, Entelos wants more.
      By John Russell