Cover Story
The Platform Diet 
Nicolas Saccomano, Pfizer's head of technology for R+D talks about dropping attrition rates, finding new talent, curbing the company's appetite for new tools - and empowering scientists with higher-quality data.

Tackling cGMP; A Better Way to Innovate
PHARMA-IT - Special Section examines manufacturing compliance and new product development issues.

Practical Clinical Technologies

The push to adopt e-SOP's gathers momentum in wake of drug seizures.

Business and Strategy


Science + Technology


IT + Informatics


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  • Cellf Examination 
    FIRST BASE - Bio-IT World Editor-in-Chief discusses results of his personal genotyping.
    By Kevin Davies
  • Stargazing with Finneran 
    THE RUSSELL TRANSCRIPT - Mass Bio's new chief must establish his own agenda.
    By John Russell