Green Pastures for Discovery Informatics 
Tripos believes its sophisticated small-molecule synthesis and modeling software could fix pharma's chemical dependency.
By Kevin Davies

View from the Future
Enjoy this retrospective from the future that's part whimsy, part forecast, and partly plausible.
By Simon Easteal and Pythia Demosthenes

STRATEGIC INSIGHTS: Intellectual Property

IP Protection and E-Lab Notebooks 
Review of evidence that courts will accept electronic management of IP
By Patrick Tormey

Improving the IP Search
New tools handle the complexity and growing number of biotech patents.
By David Warshawsky

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In Every Issue

  • Single Molecule Signals
    FIRST BASE - The $1000 genome hype has been replaced by something more realistic.
    By Kevin Davies
  • It's a Bug's Life
    THE RUSSELL TRANSCRIPT - Modeling microbial metabolism looks promising.
    By John Russell