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Sr.Research Scientist - Bioinformatics (Data Mining/Statistics)

Sr.Research Scientist - Bioinformatics (Data Mining/Statistics)
Life Sciences
Thomson Reuters
Boston, MA

We are a multi-disciplinary, diverse group of bioinformatics scientists who enjoy working together and with customers on developing new technologies and solutions. We create and apply state of the art bioinformatics approaches to address real life challenging problems in pharmaceutical R&D.

The Sr. Research Scientist - Bioinformatics will be responsible for retrieval, statistical analysis, integration, annotation of OMICs data: microarray data, NGS data, proteomics data, metabolomics data and other types of high-throughput data.

Here are press releases describing some of our projects
**Collaboration with Orion Bionetworks -
**Collaboration with GenoSpace -

About Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, and our Life Sciences Division supplies thousands of customers with cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive manually curated data resources.

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