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Bio Informaticians/Bio Statisticians Engineers

Bio Informaticians/Bio Statisticians Engineers
Bio Informatic Center
Institut Pasteur
Paris - France
Send resume and contact information to:

To apply by email, contact under reference: 14076CP

The following positions are now open: 2 experts in biostatistics & 3 experts in bioinformatics 

Missions and responsibilities: 

Support the research units and platformsthat require statistical or bioinformatics expertise and analysis of their data.

This support will encompass different aspects:

- offer advice and guidance in the application of existing analysis methods and tools

- monitor and evaluate new methods and tools

- where needed, develop new methods and analysis tools

- analyze data in collaboration with research units and platforms

- take an active role in the construction of research projects requiring in-depth statistical analysis, in collaboration with research units and platforms

- offer training in biostatistics and bioinformatics for the campus

- maintain methods and tools developed in the Institute and integrate them into central solutions (Galaxy, Mobyle..)

- participate in activities to federate the bioinformatics community on campus


Expected profile: 

Engineer or with equivalent academic training in statistics, applied mathematics, physics or a related field, with a significant professional experience in research or research support, in the industry or in an academic environment. 


The position requires solid training and/or experience in bioinformatics and/or statistics applied to biological data, particularly data generated by high-throughput sequencing, as well as excellent communication skills and an interest for collaborative work.

About Institut Pasteur
The new president of Institut Pasteur has defined bioinformatics as strategic priorities. A "center for bioinformatics, biostatistics and integrative biology" will soon be created with the goal to strengthen computational activities.In this context, the institute plans to hire 40 bioinformaticians over a period of 4 years.A first series of hires is planned for 2014 in order to address the most pressing needs.

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