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Innovation Fellows Program Director

Innovation Fellows Program Director
Medical Devices Center
University of Minnesota
Twin Cities
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The University of Minnesota is searching for a Director for the Innovation Fellows Program. Those encouraged to apply: professionals with medical experience and people with special interest & experience in medical device innovation. Applicants must be dedicated to managing a team of highly driven innovators and have knowledge to help them succeed in their goals. We would prefer someone who has management experience in innovative settings and senior leadership experience in the medical device industry.
• Manage a team of Fellows through the innovation process and address their needs
• Providing assistance in the areas of IP, business, regulatory, design, innovation, and building/testing prototypes
• MD or PhD in engineering, including mechanical engineering, material science, electrical engineering, or biomedical engineering
• A history with patent disclosures, experience with FDA requirements, company development, and evidence of medical device innovation
• Experience in leading product innovation and development of medical devices including experiences in large, medium, and small companies
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About University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota Medical Devices Innovation Fellows Program is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center, part of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine and the College of Science & Engineering. The program already has seen much success with 120 invention disclosures and 58 patent applications filed on those inventions in the program’s first five years.
The application deadline is Tuesday, June 24th, 2014.
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