Have You Cracked the Genetic Code to Sharing Big Data?

(Recorded on March 21, 2013) | Access Today 


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Join Archimedes Inc and Univa as they explore shared infrastructures including Hadoop in production.  

Featuring the cutting-edge case study from Archimedes Inc., developer of the Archimedes Model, whose mission is to revolutionize the quality and efficiency of healthcare worldwide through mathematics. As Archimedes’ business scaled to support more users, complex diseases and health outcomes, the pressure was on to ensure the IT infrastructure could keep up to the demands of the business for a reasonable cost.  

What you will learn:  

  • Gain insight to the strategies Archimedes used to solve performance issues in their pipeline with Hadoop and how Univa Grid Engine enabled them to quickly move to a production shared infrastructure.  
  • Discover the new functionality in Grid Engine available only from Univa to help streamline business efficiency.  
  • Hear how one industry leading company approached the problem and the methodology they used to productize a solution.  

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your pipeline with data management tools like Hadoop while saving up to half of the investment with a production-ready solution then this webinar is for you.  

Univa Grid Engine creates a shared infrastructure that easily unifies Big Compute and Big Data workload management making it possible to fully leverage shared cluster resources with support for innovations like Hadoop automation, multi-core systems, hybrid servers and cloud computing. Ensure your organization is future-proofed today with Univa.  

Join Archimedes Inc and Univa as they explore shared infrastructures including Hadoop in production.
This webinar will provide insight and actionable information to software developers, research scientists and data analysts. This means it’s for:  

  • Pharma and biotech companies looking to better understand how to overcome current barriers in the analysis of genomic data  
  • Universities and genome research institutions keen to see how their pioneering research can be managed in a single  
  • Technology companies and software providers who seek to improve the value of their latest solutions through innovation in the infrastructure  


Katrina Montinola, VP of Engineering Archimedes Inc.
Katrina oversees the software implementation of the Model. She joined Archimedes in November of 2006 and built the software team, which is responsible for transforming the Model into an industrial-strength internet application. Katrina has more than 19 years of experience in software engineering leadership and is a named inventor on two software patents.  

Frtiz Ferstl, CTO Univa Corporation & Father of Grid Engine
Fritz Ferstl brings 20 years of grid and cloud computing experience to Univa, and as the Chief Technology Officer he will help set technical vision while spearheading strategic alliances. Fritz, long regarded as the father of Grid Engine and its forerunners Codine and GRD, ran the Grid Engine business from within Sun Microsystems and Oracle for the past 10 years, taking it from an upstart technology to the most widely deployed workload management solution in some of the most challenging data center environments on the planet. Under Fritz's leadership Grid Engine was open sourced and has grown a vibrant community.  



(Recorded on March 21, 2013) | Access Today