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Harnessing Big Data to Power Genomics

(Recorded on April 2, 2013) | Access Today 


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Big Data management and analysis have become dominant features of biomedical research and healthcare delivery. This relatively recent change has forced a dramatic rethinking and re-architecting of supporting IT infrastructures. To a large extent, advanced NGS technologies and genomics broadly are driving the trend. This webinar will explore in detail how Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill developed a powerful IT infrastructure, blending new and traditional technology, to accommodate modern genomics research. The webinar will highlight the NCGENES project, Big Data challenges, technology tradeoff considerations, and specific technologies deployed such as iRODS.   

Attendees will learn: 

  • Technology trade-off considerations when addressing Big Data analytics challenges  
  • The design of the UNC – RENCI IT infrastructure and the types of projects it supports 
  • Practical considerations when applying new and emerging approaches such as iRODS and Hadoop 


Sanjay Joshi
CTO, Life Sciences

Ketan Paranjape
Global Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences
Intel Corporation

Charles Schmitt
Director of Data Sciences and Informatics, Renaissance Computing Institute


(Recorded on April 2, 2013) | Access Today 

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