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A Shared Drug Development and Translational Medicine Data Platform

(Recorded on April 10, 2013 ) | Access Today 

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During its evolution from a drug discovery company into a clinical development company, Array Biopharma has leveraged existing Drug Development informatics systems to support Translational Medicine. In many biotechs Drug Development data is stored and analyzed in separate informatics systems from Translational Medicine data, resulting in higher attendant infrastructure, training, and maintenance costs. In this seminar Array Biopharma Inc. will describe how they avoided such costs by integrating the data sources into a common platform and how lessons learned in each domain have been leveraged to improve the overall platform. Furthermore, they will describe key considerations for analyzing the disparate data, technical and procedural decisions that must be made, and software best-practices that help the resulting system succeed.   

Key topics will include: 

  • Build vs. Buy trade-offs.  
  • Key technical considerations. 
  • Recommendations on the team structure. 
  • Recommendations on data ontologies, tagging, and metadata. 
  • Some suggested best practices (“Apply standards but build for flexibility”). 


 Daniel WeaverDr. Daniel C. Weaver, PhD Developmental Genetics
Director of Scientific Computing
Array Biopharma


Dr. Daniel C. Weaver is the Director of Scientific Computing at Array Biopharma, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado, where he leads all aspects of scientific software development and acquisition. Over the course of the last decade, Dr. Weaver’s team has delivered systems to support scientific endeavors ranging from target identification though drug discovery and in to clinical development. Prior to Array, Dr. Weaver was the Lead Scientist for Gene Expression Analysis at Genomica. He received his doctorate in developmental genetics from the University of Colorado, Boulder under the direction of Dr. William B. Wood where he studied patterning in early development.  


Megean Schoenberg, BS Biomedical Engineering
Product Manager – TIBCO Spotfire®, Informatics

PerkinElmer Inc.


(April 10, 2013 ) | Access Today 

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