Redefining Targeted Sequencing: Complete Coverage of Targeted Regions via an Innovative Massively-Parallel Singleplex PCR Enrichment

(Recorded on May 28, 2014) | Access Today 

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The main challenge for clinical targeted resequencing methods is obtaining complete and uniform coverage of all target regions. Methods based on multiplex PCR reactions are subject to primer-primer interaction and inhibition, which can result in decreased target coverage and amplicon dropouts. Without the concerns of primer competition, the SmartChip  massively-parallel singleplex PCR technology yields higher coverage and higher coverage uniformity, which results in more confident variant calling. This webinar will explore the use of this innovative SmartChipTM technology for the detection of AML somatic mutations targeting 30 frequently mutated genes affecting disease progression. Join this webinar to lean how you can leverage the power of the SmartChip technology to enhance the coverage of your custom DNA panels.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn about WaferGen’s massively-parallel singleplex PCR Technology for NGS target enrichment
  • Learn how to maximize target coverage to minimize the need for orthogonal testing with Sanger sequencing
  • Learn how  SmartChipTM targeted resequencing panels are now delivering relevant information to clinical researchers
  • Explore data from a SmartChipTM AML panel designed to detect point mutations and specific genomic rearrangements including FLT3 ITD and MLL PTD


Jude Dunne
Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania
VP Product Development
WaferGen Biosystems

Seq-Ready™ TE Technology: A High Throughput Workflow for Fast, One-Step Target Enrichment and Library Preparation for the Sequencing of BRCA 1/2 Samples

The Seq-Ready™ TE ligation-free workflow simultaneously enriches target regions and incorporates sequencing adapters and barcodes to produce sequencing-ready libraries in one simple step. An operator can complete the streamlined workflow in less than 4 hours, with less than 45 minutes of hands-on time.

Mark Landers Ph.D.
Head of Research and Development

Use of the SmartChip™ TE System for the Development of a NGS Targeted Re-Sequencing Assay for High-Frequency Somatic Alterations Screening in AML Patients

(Recorded on May 28, 2014) | Access Today