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DecisionView's Consortium Approach to Optimizing Enrollment
eCliniqua | For industry leader Merck, country-specific and site-level performance
metrics have been among the early wins from the DecisionView Enrollment
Benchmarks data set, says Brendan O'Neill, Merck's director and head of global
trial optimization. The pharmaceutical giant last June joined peers GlaxoSmithKline
and Roche in working with DecisionView to turn their combined operational patient
enrollment data into a cross-industry set of clinical trial enrollment benchmarks.


invivodata Integrates Consulting Division
News Brief | In response to regulators' increasing emphasis on patient centered data,
including patient-, clinician-, and observer-reported outcomes (PRO, ClinRO, and ObsRO),
invivodata is integrating its consulting division-formerly PRO Consulting-into its
portfolio of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) consulting services.
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Better Site Contracting Through Improved Negotiation Efficiency
eCliniqua | Guest Commentary | A 2009 report by Thompson Centerwatch cites contract/
budget negotiation and approval as the leading cause of delays in study starts. In fact,
contract and budget negotiations cause more delays than the recruitment and enroll-
ment of patients. With life science companies being pressured to do more with less,
the hunt for increased efficiency is widespread. Life science companies that embrace
technology to improve manual processes like site budgeting and contracting can
lower their times to get studies started, improve management oversight, and
increase the ability to make timely decisions, which ultimately leads to more
favorable results.
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iPad App for Clinical Trial Informed Consent
News Brief | Mytrus has released its iPad app for informed consent in clinical trials
prior to patient enrollment. Using animation and other visual imagery, the Mytrus
iPad application is the first in the industry to condense the complex and critical
disclosure information required at the start of a clinical trial into an easy-to-
understand, digitized format.
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DIY Clinical Trials
Wall Street Journal Blog | DIY science is growing in popularity, especially as
sequencing costs fall and genomics becomes more accessible. So it's not
surprising that the DIY clinical trial is gaining ground as well. An investment
advisor in Silicon Valley launched her own clinical trial on the type
of vitamin B she, and others with her genotype, should take.
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Oracle Acquires ClearTrial Clinical Software
PC World | Oracle acquired ClearTrial late last week for an undisclosed amount
in a deal expected to close in the first half of the year. Oracle hopes to combine
ClearTrial's cloud-based clinical trials software offerings with its existing portfolio
including tools that came with the 2010 Phase Forward acquisition.
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Lessons Learned: Sites Leveraging CTMS to Increase Efficiencies,
Boost Bottom Line

Guest Commentary | It's no secret that the clinical trial environment is changing,
with the constant need to increase efficiencies and overall performance while
reducing costs. However, it's worth noting that there are sites successfully
implementing strategies to meet these demands through the implementation
of clinical trial management systems. The Lynn Health Science Institute (LHSI)
is one such site. As an emerging leader bringing new drugs to market through
its clinical trials program, LHSI has completed over 300 clinical trials, working
with over 200 pharmaceutical companies and CROs. 
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