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Building Electronic Clinical Trials is Grueling and Slow Recent Survey
eCliniqua | The tedious process of building an electronic clinical trial is a stubborn
bottleneck requiring too much time and too many resources. Those are the topline
results of a 2011 survey conducted at two annual meetings-the Drug Information
Association (DIA) and the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM). Cmed
Technology, a UK-based provider of eClinical solutions developed and administered
the survey, which resulted in 87 respondents from 55 companies. 
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Pitfalls Aplenty for Observational Research
eCliniqua | Limitations on the use of observational data in comparative effectiveness
research (CER) were among the themes of a Post-Approval Summit held in early May
at Harvard Medical School*. The march toward bigger and often mandatory post-
approval studies needs to be rooted in "strong science," enabled by industry
partnerships with large health care delivery organizations, insurers, the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA), and academia, according to keynote speaker
Michael Rosenblatt, executive vice president and chief medical officer at Merck.
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Best Practices: Bringing the Trial to the Patient
eCliniqua | Almost a year ago, Pfizer started recruiting for a different kind of clinical
trial: the first ever conducted under a Participatory Patient-Centered (PPC) model.
Last month, the team's efforts-till very much ongoing-were rewarded with a Bio-IT
World Best Practices Award in the Clinical and Health IT category. 
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Diabetes Center Chooses InferMed EDC
News Brief | The Leicester Diabetes Centre has chosen InferMed's MACRO EDC
solution to provide electronic data capture for their clinical trials portfolio.   
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Lung Cancer Trial Combines Blood Test and Imaging
News Brief | National Jewish Health is seeking to refine and improve lung-cancer
screening by combining a blood test with CT imaging to detect disease earlier and
more effectively. The trial combines a CT chest scan and the EarlyCDT-Lung blood
test to screen for cancer.  
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Quanticate Opens Bangalore Office
eCliniqua | Quanticate is expanding its contract research capabilities for clinical
trials in India with the announcement of a new office in Bangalore. The new office
will take further advantage of growing clinical trials opportunities in India.   
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CDISC Releases Protocol Representation Toolkit
News Brief | CDISC has released the first iteration of a Protocol Representation
"Toolkit" for clinical research. The purpose is to make it easy for authors of the
research plan or protocol to reap the benefits of the Protocol Representation Model
(PRM), which has been developed over the past decade by global clinical research
experts from academia, industry and government.
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PHT Releases New Patient Reported Outcomes Tool
eCliniqua | PHT Corporation has announced the newest version of StudyWorks, its
online clinical trial management system. The new release includes dashboards
that display secure and configurable, quick-read highlights of the most relevant
information for a given role and enhanced performance and  scalability for global
mega trials. 
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BioClinica Partners with Paragon Solutions
News Brief | BioClinica is partnering with Paragon Solutions, an advisory consulting
and systems integration firm that specializes in enterprise information management.
BioClinica customers will utilize Paragon's resources and expertise to support large-
scale integration of BioClinica's eClinical solutions across a variety of technology
partnerships and client implementations.  
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eClinical Technology: What Would Steve Say?
eCliniqua | Guest Commentary | The untimely passing of Steve Jobs led to extensive
media coverage and a best-selling biography examining his life and legacy. Jobs was
both a passionate visionary and an eccentric renegade, and his many successes rose
from a set of principles and practices that changed how we develop, use, and think
about technology. The Jobs legacy pertains equally to consumer devices and business
applications such as eClinical systems, so let's pause and consider "What would
Steve say about eClinical?"
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