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Clinical Trial Registries Step Up Reporting Requirements
eCliniqua | Clinical trial registries will be upping the ante by requiring more disclosure from
biopharmaceutical companies, but it's not yet clear what additional information will be
required or when compliance will be expected. The next round of disclosures will expand the
level of transparency in widely used databases such as and EudraCT due to
legislation requiring industry, academia, and government to be more forthcoming with clinical
trial specifics.  
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PCORI's Research Agenda is Broad, Cost-Neutral
eCliniqua | The role of cost and patients in comparative effectiveness research (CER) were
among the themes of the Post-Approval Summit held last month at Harvard Medical School*. So,
too, was the agenda and funding priorities of the latest actor in the CER arena: the independent,
multi-stakeholder Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).
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Roundtable on Translational Cancer Research Trends
Bio-IT World | One of the highlights of the 10th anniversary Bio-IT World Conference last April
was a plenary roundtable on translational cancer research, featuring four outstanding cancer
researchers: computational biologist John Quackenbush (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute); drug
discoverer Julian Adams (Infinity Pharmaceuticals); clinical researcher Jose Baselga (Mass
General Hospital, Boston); and geneticist Sir John Burn, (Institute of Genetic Medicine,
Newcastle University, UK/QuantuMDx). The panel was moderated by Bio-IT World editor Kevin
Davies and can be viewed in full online.
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Infinity Pharma Shares Drop on Drug Withdrawal
Bloomberg Business Week | Infinity Pharmaceuticals has announced it is halting the study of
a bone cancer treatment following disappointing results from a mid-stage trial. The drug,
saridegib (IPI-926), failed to meet its main goal of progression-free survival -- producing results
similar to a placebo.  
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Foundation Medicine, Novartis Partner for Clinical Trial Enrollment
News Brief | Foundation Medicine and Novartis are partnering on cancer drug testing. Novartis
plans to use Foundation's technology as part of its cancer trial enrollment process over the next
three years, focusing on Phase 1 and 2 oncology clinical programs.   
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Clinical Ink Named Cool Vendor for EDC System
Gartner | Clinical Ink has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2012 with analysts saying that
the technology has "significant disruptive potential in the area of EDC systems." Clinical Ink's
technology began development in 2009.   
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Agility Clinical CRO to Work With Small Drug and Device Companies, Pediatric Focus
News Brief | New specialty CRO Agility Clinical, Inc., was announced yesterday. Agility will focus
on providing customized clinical research and consulting services to small and virtual
biotechnology, specialty pharma, medical device and diagnostic companies. The company
says it has a "special interest" in pediatric drug development.  
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