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European Medicines Agency Tackles Transparency of Clinical Trial Data
eCliniqua | The European Medicines Agency held a workshop late last month on access to and transparency of clinical trial data. Their four-page report calls for proactive publication of clinical trial data. "It is no longer a question of if we start [sharing clinical trial data] but only of how we achieve it," said Hans-Georg Eichler, Senior Medical Officer of the European Medicines Agency. Read More 

Adaptive Study Design May Become Survival Tactic
eCliniqua | In the not-so-distant future, the pharmaceutical industry will need to move away from serendipity and its “blockbuster” drug development approach to become a service-based business specializing in patient-specific therapeutics delivering desired outcomes at the desired price. Clinical trials, of necessity, will be re-engineered to reflect real-world circumstances and turn adaptive study programs into a competitive advantage. Practicing clinicians will be dissuaded from using high-cost medicines and more actively participate in modeling and simulation exercises to help get better products to patients sooner.   Read More 

Krams on Popularizing the Adaptive Approach
Bio-IT World | Adaptive clinical trials might be globally embraced if the current preoccupation with fixed trial designs was viewed as an “engineering problem” requiring a lot of talk and teamwork between adaptive design experts, said Michael Krams, MD, vice president & head of the neurology franchise at Johnson & Johnson (J&J).   Read More 


DIA Worldwide Executive Director Steps Down
News Brief | DIA announced today that Worldwide Executive Director Paul Pomerantz will be leaving effective March 3, 2013. The DIA Board of Directors will announce plans for the executive director search in January.   Read More 

ICON Wins Clinical Research Team Award
News Brief | ICON was named clinical research team of the year at the annual Scrip Awards. ICON won the award for an extremely quick start-up of a large Phase III clinical trial for a promising gynaecological compound in a selective population.  Read More Releases Top 100 Drugs | released Q3 sales numbers for drug sales in the US today. Proton-pump inhibitors, antipsychotics and statins remain in the top-selling therapeutic categories, while some top sellers fall due to patent loss.   Read More