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India’s Regulatory Uncertainties Stall Clinical Trials Industry
eCliniqua  | 1.2 billion people. Millions of treatment-naïve patients. Low cost of operations. Rising incidence of Western diseases. These compelling reasons for conducting clinical trials in India fueled an all out frenzy among pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors who flocked to India in 2005. Now, nearly a decade and thousands of trials later, a harsher reality has set in. Read More 

Big Savings Expected from First-Ever Crowdsourced Trial
eCliniqua | Newly minted software facilitating the “crowdsourcing” of clinical trials has proven its worth in a recently-approved multiple sclerosis (MS) study that will make unusually high use of both telemonitoring and the measurement of patient mobility. The protocol, as originally proposed by Transparency Life Sciences (TLS), was significantly enriched after undergoing global scrutiny by researchers and MS patients, says Marc Foster, co-founder and chief operating officer of the open innovation drug development company. In December, it became the first crowdsourced protocol to be cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).   Read More 

Interactive Map Lets Users Explore Clinical Trial Numbers
eCliniqua | has posted an interactive map of all of the studies listed on the site worldwide. Users can see the total number of studies by region and country, and can drill down to look at individual studies listed by condition, interventions, and study status.  Read More 



INC Reserach Chooses goBalto for Global Site Activation
News Brief | INC Research, a therapeutically-focused clinical research organization (CRO), has selected goBalto Tracker 2.0 as its global site activation solution. Tracker, a past winner of a Bio-IT World Best Practices award, is a secure, web-based platform that enables study teams to track and manage site activation activities in clinical trials. Read More 

Shield Chooses OpenClinica Software
News Brief | Shield Therapeutics has selected OpenClinica Enterprise software for its clinical data management needs related to the company’s clinical trials. Shield Therapeutics develops treatments for unmet medical needs, and is currently running a Phase III program for ST10, a novel orally-delivered ferric iron-based therapy to treat iron deficiency. Read More 

Patient Enrollment Via iPad
News Brief | The University of Alabama at Birmingham is launching a study with the help of an iPad. UAB is enrolling patients via the Mytrus iPad app as part of a pilot study supported by the HHS. Read More