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For Efficient Clinical Trials, Three’s Company
eCliniqua | Contributed Commentary | In recent years, clinical sponsors have struggled to streamline their clinical operations. Studies have grown increasingly complex with the inclusion of more procedures and eligibility criteria than ever before. The volume of data being collected for trials has increased and enrollment has become more difficult. However, sponsors’ return on investment remains unclear despite the acceptance of increased risk and efforts. Read More

JLL Partners Offers Buyout of BioClinica
eCliniqua News Brief | JLL Partners, a private equity firm, announced yesterday that two of its subsidiaries have commenced a tender offer for all outstanding shares of BioClinica at a price of $7.25 per share in cash. A successful offer will result in a merger between BioClinica and BioCore Holdings, one of the subsidiaries. Read More

Oracle Releases Phase 1 Support in ClearTrial Plan and Source
eCliniqua News Brief | Yesterday Oracle announced the first upgrade to the ClearTrial product since it acquired the company in May 2012. The newest version of Oracle Health Sciences ClearTrial Plan and Source Cloud Service will deliver enhanced planning, sourcing, and tracking capabilities to support Phase I trials and complex multi-arm studies. Read More


Icon Buys Cross Country Healthcare Clinical Trial Services
SF Gate | Icon plans to buy the clinical trial services division of Cross Country Healthcare for $52 million in cash and another $3.75 million in potential milestone payments. Icon provides development services to drug and medical device makers. Read More

PAREXEL Raises Revenue Expectations
Boston Business Journal | PAREXEL raised its revenue and earnings expectations based on Q2 numbers that are up 27%. This is the second time the CRO has raised its 2013 numbers. Read More

Perceptive Informatics Names New President
Sacramento Bee | Xavier Flinois has been named to succeed Steve Kent as president of Perceptive Informatics, PAREXEL's technology division. Read More