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 ArisGlobal Launches Clinical Trial Supply Management System

eCliniqua Product Brief | ArisGlobal has launched agSupply, an integrated IWRS (Interactive Web Response System)
and logistics management system that automates the tracking of clinical trial supplies throughout the supply chain. Read More

Site Accreditation Standards Initiative Names Co-Chairs
eCliniqua | Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) has named co-chairs for its Site Accreditation Standards Initiative (SASI).
 Inaugurated in December of 2012, SASI brings together prominent representatives from the multi-sector
 biomedical research community to promote
 formal standards for accreditation of clinical research sites worldwide. Linda Meyerson 
and Tracy Blumenfeld who will serve as Co-Chairs of the SASI
Steering Committee. 
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PatientsLikeMe to Launch 'Patient-Centered Outcomes' PlatformBio-IT World | Thanks to a $1.9 million grant from the Robert Wood
 Johnson Foundation, PatientsLikeMe will lead development of truly
 “patient-centered” health outcome measures via the world’s first open-participation
 research platform. Never before have crowdsourcing
approaches to authoring, reviewing, and validating outcome measures been attempted on a single
system, says Jamie Heywood. 
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Role of the Caregiver in Clinical Trials
Huffington Post | The clinical trial experience affects a wide range of stakeholders, including patients' caregivers. Read More 

Internet Searches Reveal Adverse Drug Interactions
New York Times | Using Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft seach histories, researchers have discovered prescription drug side effects beforeFDA. Read More 

Video: Ben Goldacre Talks About Pharma's Influence on Health Care
C-SPAN | Ben Goldacre talks about his book, Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients. He discusses theinfluence of the
 pharmaceutical industry on the global health care system and argues that pharmaceutical companies hide negative studies
and use questionable testing
 and intensive lobbying to get what they want, regardless of whether the drugs they produce are good for patients.
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GNS Healthcare to Mine Data in MS Drug Development Alliance
News Brief |  GNS Healthcare has joined in the formation of Orion Bionetworks, a new alliance to accelerate the drug development process fora wide variety
of diseases, beginning with multiple sclerosis (MS). Using patient data from alliance members Accelerated Cure Project for 
Multiple Sclerosis, the Institute for
Neurosciences at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and PatientsLikeMe, GNS will build powerful, predictive, 
computational models to yield new information
about the disease. 
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Phase 3 Trials and FDA on the Chopping Block
eClin Roundup | Federal cost cutting measures should look no farther than the FDA, argues an op ed in Bloomberg. First on the chopping block: Phase 3 clinical
trials. But would that actually work? 
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