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Regulations, Genetic Workflow, and Privacy: Coming Challenges for Health-IT
eCliniqua | The keynote session at the inaugural Medical Informatics World Conference in Boston yesterday kicked off conversations on a broad range ofhealth-IT challenges: everything from Meaningful Use Stage 2 to the coming surge of clinical genomics. Read More  

HP Signs Contract to Build IT System for UK Hospitals
eWeek | HP Enterprise Services UK signed a 10-year, $210 million contract with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Bracknell, United
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Insight Genetics to Participate in the Clinical Assay Development Program
eCliniqua News Brief | Insight Genetics has been selected by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to participate in the Clinical Assay Development Program(CADP), an initiative of NCI’s Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis that aims to move promising assays from the research lab into clinical trials. Read More 

Mobile Clinical Trial Locator Launched for Global Trials
eCliniqua News Brief | Last week,, a global clinical trials aggregator site launched that gives patients access to trials around the
world from their mobile device. The site uses publicly available information from, as well as information from academic medical centers to
create an easier and more accessible website for patients, parents and caregivers. 
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EHR Data Not Complete Enough to Recruit Patients for Trials
eCliniqua Brief | A study found that using EHR data to recruit for clinical trials did not work as well as hoped. A group in Germany assessed EHR data from five
German university hospitals for data completeness. The group looked to see whether EHR data was complete enough to use for clinical trial recruitment. 
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Site Service: New Trial Portal Puts Sites’ Needs First
eCliniqua | When clinical trial sponsors reach out to sites, they may use a newsletter or rely on word-of-mouth messages passed from the project team to regional
 managers to sites. The result is like the children’s game, Telephone. Everyone gets a slightly different version of old news. PHT Corporation aims to fix that with
MyStudyHome, an online social community to connect clinical trial sponsors with sites. 
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ePharmaSolutions, CenterWatch Launch Referral Plus Initiative 
eCliniqua News Brief | ePharmaSolutions, CenterWatch, and a consortium of pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations have launched the'Referral Plus' Initiative to increase opportunities for patients to find trials for which they may qualify. Read More  

After the Trial
In the Pipeline | Why post-trial data analysis is so important: Derek Lowe looks at the case study of one company that rushed their positive Phase III trial results. Read More