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U.S. Generic Drug Market Outlook to 2012
By Mark P. Mathieu

Since drugs with $50 billion on 2007 U.S. sales are scheduled to lose patent/exclusivity protection in 2008 – 2010, the three-year period presents formidable obstacles for the pharmaceutical industry. Marketing exclusivity … Read more

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Dear Colleague,
Welcome to this week's eNewsletter covering breaking R&D news, business insights, and a feature on HUYA Bioscience International's co-development model for drug discovery with Chinese biotechs.


HUYA: A Conduit Between Chinese Pharma and US Clinical Trials
By Alissa Poh

China plus the drug industry plus newspaper headlines has seldom equaled positive reading. Yet where pharma is concerned, two things can’t be denied. First, China has certainly become a key player in global biotech, especially over the last five years, with its economy loosening up and the government allowing capitalist-type ventures in parts of the country. As well, those in pharma constantly lament the lack of new, high-quality compounds for drug development – a process that isn’t getting any less expensive, while the pool of sources is drying up.

Perhaps it needs to be better recognized that drug manufacturing, and the brainpower behind drug discovery, are really quite distinct. If married in the right way(s) between China and a pharma powerhouse like the US, the combination could turn out pretty appealing. Such was the observation of Mireille Gingras, president and CEO of San Diego-based HUYA Bioscience International, who noted that significant numbers of Chinese individuals, after being educated and trained in top US institutions, were returning home to start their own biotech businesses. And naturally, they were bringing with them Western-style small-molecule discovery and development approaches. Gingras realized that this could be one answer, at least, to the problem of shrinking US and European source pools; it would also provide unique partnership opportunities with Chinese companies and research institutes. More


Merck Says It Will Stay in Heart Research
MarketWatch [Nov 8] Merck has no plans to follow its bigger rival Pfizer out the door of the heart-disease laboratory. More

Stem Cell Supporters Await Their Obama Moment
Washington Post [Nov 10] Stem cell advocates and researchers are eagerly awaiting the moment next year when president-elect Barack Obama rescinds a directive that limits federal funding of human embryonic stem-cell research. More

Pfizer Ends Development of Obesity Drug
Reuters [Nov 5] Pfizer is the latest drugmaker to abandon an obesity treatment that works by blocking the receptors in the brain that makes people hungry after smoking marijuana. More

The Promise and Power of RNA
New York Times [Nov 10] Pharmaceutical companies would love to find a drug that can attach itself to the protein PCSK9 and block its activity – overactive PCSK9 can result in high cholesterol levels. RNA interference may surmount this obstacle. More

Applied Biosystems and Asuragen Collaborate with the Critical Path Institute to Improve Drug Toxicity Screening
MarketWatch [Nov 6] Applied Biosystems and Asuragen will work with the Predictive Safety Testing Consortium to develop a predictive gene signature panel that will allow pharmaceutical companies to quickly and easily screen potential therapeutics for toxic effects in pre-clinical samples. More

J&J's High-Wire Heart Drug
Forbes [Nov 10] Rivaroxaban, a powerful new blood thinner in late-stage tests in heart patients at J&J and Bayer, is J&J’s hope as a potential huge bestseller to revive its slumping drug unit, despite significantly higher rates of bleeding in patients who took the drug.

Scientists Coax Brain Cells in Mice to Regenerate
Reuters [Nov 6] Scientists at Children’s Hospital Boston have found a way to get damaged nerve cells in the brains of mice to repair themselves, while a separate team from Genentech found that blocking a protein that discourages cell repairs allowed nerve cells in lab dishes to regenerate. Both findings may lead to new treatments for spinal cord and brain injuries. More


For Sale: Pfizer's Terre Haute Factory
Indianapolis Star [Nov 10] Nine months after halting production of its inhaled insulin and idling more than 600 workers at a plant near Terre Haute, Pfizer is putting the massive factory up for sale. More

Amylin Says It Will Cut 340 Jobs to Slash Expenses
BusinessWeek [Nov 10] Amylin plans to cut a quarter of its San Diego work force, in a move it said will cut its operating expenses by more than $100 million in 2009. More

Woodcock Gains Support From Drugmakers for FDA's Top Job
Bloomberg [Nov 7] Janet Woodcock, a 22-year insider at the FDA, is the top choice of drugmakers who are lobbying for her to be named the agency's chief by President-elect Barack Obama, according to people associated with the industry. More

Biotech Firms Fear Pricing Pressure From Obama
San Francisco Chronicle [Nov 9] Tough pressure on drug prices is expected as the new president tries to realize his campaign vision of expanded health care coverage for Americans at substantially lower cost. BIO president James Greenwood says Obama's management of the continuing financial crisis will be the most important influence on the fate of biotech companies coping with tight credit markets and risk-averse investors. More

Obama Expected to Regulate DTC Advertising
MediaDailyNews [Nov 5] Pharmaceutical companies, ad agencies and publishers are bracing for a possible series of new restrictions on direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising after the president-elect takes office next year. More

AstraZeneca's Crestor Cuts Deaths and Heart Attacks
Reuters [Nov 9] AstraZeneca's cholesterol fighter (rosuvastatin) dramatically cut deaths, heart attacks and strokes in patients with healthy cholesterol levels but who had high levels of a protein associated with heart disease, researchers report. More

Amgen, Like Pfizer, Targets Biotechs With Ready Cash
Bloomberg [Nov 4] With more cash than all but two U.S. pharmaceutical industry rivals, Amgen is seeking to snatch up distressed biotechnology companies at bargain prices. More

Novo Nordisk to Invest in New Chinese Factory
Financial Times [Nov 7] Novo Nordisk, the Danish pharmaceuticals company, is to invest $400m in a new factory for diabetes treatments in China, the latest multinational to commit to a large investment despite slowing Chinese growth. More


Of Ghrelin and the Gut: Tranzyme Pharma
PharmaWeek [Nov 5] When the Human Genome Project first took off, the genomics space teemed with life science entrepreneurs, all raring to create startups. It was no different for those who started Tranzyme Pharma. More

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Alissa Poh 

A very brief note this week - hope you find HUYA's story an interesting read. With the right balance, it could well be (to quote Hannah Montana) "the best of both worlds" for the US and China, in terms of discovering and developing new drugs. Expect a feature on patient non-adherence next week, which a recent survey said costs pharma pretty close to $200 billion a year...and this was a pre-meltdown estimate. Also, as mentioned in the last two issues, any suggestions for expanding PharmaWeek's economic development focus are welcome - you can reach me at


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Jeff Drazen (editor-in-chief, New England Journal Medicine); Fred Ledley (Bentley College); John Halamka (CIO, Harvard Medical School); and Linda Avey (23andMe). Bio-IT World Editor-in-Chief Kevin Davies moderates the discussion.
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