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APC Offers Power Backup Alternative

Aug 15, 2005 | American Power Conversion (APC) introduces a fuel cell backup power supply alternative for its data center InfrastruXure systems. The fuel cell is intended to provide longer backup times than battery-only systems in situations when diesel generators many not be practical. IT managers can stack up to three 10-kiloWatt (kW) fuel cell modules per rack (for a total of 30 kW) to provide critical applications with hours of run time when there is a electrical power disruption. The InfrastruXure with Integrated Fuel Cells is part of APC’s line of systems that integrate electrical power, cooling, and management in an optimized data center rack system.

Vendor: American Power Conversion (APC)

Product: InfrastruXure Fuel Cell

Availability: Now

For more information: (877) 272-2722;

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