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Liquid Handling with Ease

Aug 15, 2005 | Caliper Life Sciences introduces the Caliper Sciclone i1000 Liquid Handling System, a high-volume liquid handler that can independently control delivery of liquids into each well of 96- or 384-well microtiter plates. The Caliper Sciclone i1000 shares the Sciclone inL10 system’s unique multi-MEMS technology in which each of the instrument’s 96 fluid channels has a dedicated MEMS flow meter that controls, monitors, and verifies delivery of fluids. In addition to providing simultaneous multi-volume pipetting capabilities, the design improves accuracy and precision of liquid handling and allows for extended audit trail capabilities. The company says the most popular feature of the system is its ability to perform one-step normalizations, whereby experiments requiring multilevel dilutions can be rapidly executed with only two liquid transfers.

Vendor: Caliper Life Sciences

Product: Caliper Sciclone i1000 Liquid Handling System

Availability: Now

For more information: (877) 522-2447 (LAB-CHIP);

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