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Tripos Embraces Web Services

By Salvatore Salamone

Aug 15, 2005 | To make it easier to incorporate its discovery informatics tools into high-throughput workflows, Tripos has partnered with pipeline vendor SciTegic and announced support for a Web services architecture.

“We want to ensure that customers can use our tools however they want to within their [operations],” says Bryan Koontz, senior vice president and general manager of discovery informatics at Tripos. Both developments enable this type of use of the Tripos informatics tools within a high-throughput workflow or pipeline.

Specifically, with respect to the partnership, Tripos has joined SciTegic’s independent software vendor partner program. From a practical standpoint, this means there is software compatibility between the two companies’ products. The benefit to life science customers is the assurance that the Tripos’ discovery chemistry and informatics products can be accessed from within SciTegic’s Pipeline Pilot.

“Many of our customers already use Tripos’ software,” said Mathew Hahn, SciTegic’s vice president and general manager. “Through this partnership, our joint users will [be able to] solve more complex problems and to reach a broader audience of users through the flexible deployment of validated processing routines.” (Hahn’s comments came in a prepared statement.)

Tripos has also announced it would embrace Web services as a way to give life science companies more flexibility in developing, deploying, and accessing discovery informatics technologies and applications. As part of this strategy, dubbed Service-Oriented Informatics (SOI), Tripos will provide a Web services interface to its discovery chemistry and informatics tools and applications.

Koontz notes that adding support for SOI is due in part to the way life science R&D is changing. For instance, there is growing use of “more loosely coupled, server-centric architectures with software deployed as flexible Web services than can adapt to each company’s unique discovery workflows,” Koontz says.

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