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Announcing 2005 Best of Show Winners

By John Russell

June 14, 2005 | From digital pens that seem to magically know where they are on paper case report forms (CRFs) to under-your-desk computers able to deliver near-supercomputer power, the range and caliber of products entered in the third annual Bio•IT World Best of Show contest were impressive. There were more than 30 entries in four categories.

Judging entries is a two-step process. Before the show, screeners working independently score entries based on three criteria: the importance of the problem addressed by the product; technology innovation; and the adequacy of the feature set to the task. The top three scorers in each category become finalists — a tie produced four finalists in the Clinical Trials category this year. Winners are then selected at the conference, following demonstrations and interviews on the show floor and judge deliberations.

 Best of Show winners 2005

from InforSense, TEMIS, Phase Forward,
and Hewlett-Packard accepted the top
awards for their submissions in the four
Best of Show categories.

IT Infrastructure

A novel approach to identifying and containing malicious software attacks won the IT Infrastructure category. The product — Virus Throttling for ProCurve Switch 5300xl, from Hewlett-Packard — is software that scrutinizes traffic through switches looking for unusual traffic patterns. Virus Throttling alerts systems administrators, who can adjust its settings to stop or slow such traffic until they figure out what it is. The interception happens at the switch level, not on users’ desks.

The two other IT Infrastrucure finalists were a 96-node high-performance cluster computer from Orion Multisystems and a powerful clustered storage solution from Isilon Systems.

Informatics Tools & Data

A wide array of text- and data-mining tools characterized competition in the Informatics Tools & Data category. Insight Discoverer Extractor from TEMIS was the winner. Its powerful linguistics analysis reads 50 different formats with automatic language identification and parsing of 16 languages. TEMIS uses a set of “skill cartridges”  to drill into specific domain areas.

The other Informatics finalists were MedScan TextMiner from Ariadne Genomics and Nervana Knowledge Discovery System from Nervana.

Clinical Trials & Research

Judges made two awards in the Clinical Trials & Research category. InForm 4.5 from Phase Forward was the winner. InForm is a widely used electronic data capture tool for clinical trials. This latest upgrade, though, is more than an incremental change. Clinical trial management and reporting capability has been added, tackling an issue that has long been solved by ad hoc tools. Real-time metrics such as CRF completion status, query cycle times, and recruitment progress can be monitored.

A second award for imaginative technology innovation was given to Standard Register for its ExpeData Digital Writing solution 2.3, a pen with a built-in camera that records everything being written. Data are later downloaded from a docking station or directly via wireless technology.

The two other finalists in the Clinical Trials category were a voice recognition and data input system, IV Atrial 1.10 from IVRAS, and a software package, tcVisualize 1.0.7 from Tourtellotte Consulting, used for supply chain management simulation and planning during clinical trials.

Knowledge Management & Collaboration

KDE 2.0 from InforSense took the top award in Knowledge Management & Collaboration. Middleware for building scientific workflows, it allows scientists to develop extensive and complicated experiment workflows linking many different steps and applications in a given study. These workflows are archived, and modifications made to them are tracked, so that subsequent scientists tackling similar projects can easily use or adapt prior workflows — or create entirely new ones.

The other finalists in Knowledge Management were LABTrack Electronic Notebook from EKM and EMC Documentum 5.3, an enterprisewide content management solution, from EMC.

Finalists & Winners

IT Infrastructure
* Winner - Virus Throttling for ProCurve Switch 5300xl from Hewlett-Packard
* IsilonIQ Series from Isilon Systems
* Cluster Workstation DS-96 from Orion Multisystems

Informatics Tools & Data
* Winner - Insight Discoverer Extractor from TEMIS
* MedScan TextMiner from Ariadne Genomics
* Nervana Knowledge Discovery System from Nervana

Clinical Trials & Research
* Winner - InForm Software 4.5 from Phase Forward
* IV Atrial 1.1.0 from IVRAS
* tcVisualize 1.0.7 from Tourtellotte Consulting
* ExpeData Digital Writing Solutions 2.3 from Standard Register

Knowledge Management & Collaboration
* Winner - KDE 2.0 from InforSense
* LABTrack Electronic Lab Notebook from EKM
* EMC Documentum 5.3 from EMC

Thanks to the Judges:

Bill Van Etten, partner, The BioTeam; Robert Latek, senior bioinformatics scientist, Whitehead Institute; Stephen Fogelson, director of clinical research, Clinquest; Bernard Wess, managing director, ProtonCare USA; Michael Thomas, assistant professor, Idaho State University; Enoch Huang, director of molecular informatics, Pfizer Discovery Technology Center; Michael Athanas, founder, The BioTeam; Jean-Francois Levesque, VP of Information Technology, Genizon; Michael Elliot, founder, Atrium Research; Jeff Bizzaro, chairman,; Tony Strattner, editorial manager, IDC Go-to-Market Services; and Mike Swenson, senior analyst, Life Science Insights.

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