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Got Good Informatics?

By Kevin Davies

May 12, 2005 | The LSIT Global Institute, a non-profit organization focused on helping life science organizations develop trusted IT practices, is looking for a few good minutes of your time.

The organization, directed by former Sun Microsystems executive Howard Asher, has produced a web survey aimed at identifying Good Informatics Practices, or “GIP.” Asher says: “GIP will be created by weaving appropriate international IT standards in with IT best practices and applying detailed consideration to the special needs of the life and health sciences community. This will be accomplished in a manner similar to the development and international adoption of Good Clinical Practices (GCP), the worldwide guidance developed by ICH [the International Conference on Harmonisation], in the conduct of regulated clinical research. LSIT believes the exact same opportunity exists for GIP.”

LSIT’s goal is to develop GIP that will gain the trust of industry and regulatory agencies, thereby reducing IT costs and inefficiencies. Founding members of LSIT include Novartis, Pfizer, and Sun. The GIP web survey went live last month, and will remain open until near the end of May. Those participating may request a free executive summary of the GIP Survey results.

To take the GIP Survey, simply go to:

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