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Scanning New Capabilities

Nov 15, 2005 | Beckman Coulter has introduced the DU Series 700 UV/Vis Scanning Spectrophotometer with many capabilities for life science and general research applications. It features focused beam technology and a small bandwidth, which ensure levels of accuracy and reproducibility, even with minor variances in cell positioning. For small volumes in applications such as nucleic acid research, the DU 700 Series can accommodate Beckman Coulter’s 50-microliter Microcells. The DU 720 model is ideal for general-purpose applications and uses fixed wavelength, wavelength scan, time, and kinetics measurements with single component analysis. The DU 730 model adds advanced tools for protein and nucleic acid analysis, including determination of dye incorporation percentage for microarrays and a set of DNA/protein calculation and conversion tools.

Vendor: Beckman Coulter 

Product: DU Series 700 UV/Vis Scanning Spectrophotometer

Availability: Now

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