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Oct. 17, 2005 | Berners-Lee’s favorite metaphor for the Semantic Web is an adaptation of the familiar subway map of the London Underground rail system. “I’ve tried various pictures for this, crossword puzzles and things, and I ended up with the London Underground map. We’re at the conceptual level here. The stations are applications (e.g., my camera), and the lines are concepts. So, information about events, my bank balance, all have a common thread — they all use time.

“Other things have different things that connect them. You’re using a computer at home with the ability to download and play with photographs, manage your bank statements, you’re sitting there and you’re wondering what. Pick up the bank statement and drag it onto the calendar, so you can see what you were doing at the time. But it doesn’t fit...boing! What you’d like to do is drag it...then you still can’t figure out why you spent $315 on Saturday. Drag a roll of film, so all the photographs should appear on the calendar too.” – S.S.

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