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Speeding Up with GEArray Express

Oct 17, 2005 | Low sample throughput is no longer a bottleneck with the introduction of SuperArray Bioscience’s GEArray Express microarray platform, which enables the simultaneous processing of 32 microarrays in a single day. It simplifies the microarray hybridization and washing protocol with a multi-chamber hybridization plate that holds eight microarrays and a specialized but inexpensive thermal shaker that holds four plates. This setup improves both throughput and sample-to-sample/day-to-day consistency. The company says with the GEArray Express, nearly 100 samples can be processed in three days at less than $100 per sample.

Vendor: SuperArray Bioscience

Product: GEArray Express

Availability: Now

For more information: (888) 503-3187;

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