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siRNA Library: The Complete Book of Genes

Sept 15, 2005 | Dharmacon has completed the world’s first genome-wide, siRNA library, targeting genes across the entire human genome. Developed using Dharmacon’s SMARTselection and SMARTpool technologies, the siARRAY is designed to dramatically decrease the time and cost needed for high-throughput functional genomic studies. A SMARTpool siRNA reagent and four individual si-RNAs are available for each unique human gene. This availability of five gene-silencing reagents per gene provides researchers the ability to conduct independent validation of gene silencing effect. Dharmacon’s siARRAY includes more than 100,000 si-RNA reagents targeting over 21,000 human genes contained in the NCBI RefSeq database. The company says the availability of this library is expected to significantly accelerate drug discovery and development, and has the potential to increase scientists’ understanding of fundamental disease mechanism.

Vendor: Dharmacon

Product: siARRAY

Availability: Now

For more information: (800) 235-9880;


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