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More Intelligence Added to Symyx Lab Notebook

Sept 15, 2005 | The IntelliChem iELN version 5.0 is the first upgrade to the electronic lab notebook (ELN) since Symyx acquired IntelliChem last November. The new release of the intelligent ELN (iELN) includes new tools for parallel execution of experiments and enterprise workflow, and improved security and performance. For example, on the workflow front, IntelliChem iELN lets administrators link a specific review and witnessing workflow to a lab document’s use (e.g., discovery experiments might have one workflow, while quality-control experiments might have another). Other enhancements in the 5.0 release include the ability to set user and group permission rights at the document, notebook, and repository levels. The package’s text editor now includes enhanced features such as improved table functions, streamlined symbol entry, and the ability to export documents in PDF format.

Vendor: Symyx Technologies

Product: Symyx IntelliChem iELN v5.0

Availability: Now

For more information: (408) 764-2000;

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