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Algorithms Are Part of the Secret Sauce

Two ordinary dual-processor Dell servers handle all of the computation and database management necessary to make sense of BioSeek's assays. That's fine with Evangelos Hytopoulos (who also goes by Vangelis), director for scientific and corporate informatics at BioSeek.

"One of the responsibilities I have is not to use a lot of money but [to] produce a lot of results," he notes wryly.

Instead, he and his team concentrated on integrating data acquisition with QA/QC, analysis algorithms, and visualization of the data. "We use some open-source tools, but all the integration was done internally. We also have acquired a product from Cognia for knowledge management," he says.

The result, he says, is IP worth protecting, "[Virtually] all of the algorithms are not disclosed in the papers, and the reason for that is uniqueness of the way we found we have to analyze the data. We have applied for patents for some."


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