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Ultra Performance in LC/MS

April 14, 2006 | Waters has introduced the ACQUITY SQD, a UPLC/MS system that gives scientists more information about the identity of pharmaceutical, biological, industrial, and environmental compounds than conventional UV/Vis-based detector systems. The UPLC/MS system features the new Waters SQ Detector, a benchtop, ultra-compact, single-quadrupole, atmospheric pressure ionization mass detector designed for routine UPLC/MS analyses. With first-of-its-kind IntelliStart Diagnostic Software, the AQUITY SQD tunes and calibrates the mass detector and conducts system performance checks, allowing scientists to acquire data in routine analytical and open-access applications. Waters has also introduced the LCT Premier XE, an orthogonal, compact, benchtop TOF MS instrument, which includes Waters patented LockSpray technology for exact mass measurement, a wizard-driven instrument setup protocol, and the I-FIT algorithm for isotope interpretation. The LCT Premier XE is designed for fast data acquisition to take full advantage of its high-speed sensitivity and resolution of the ACQUITY UPLC/MS System. The LCT Premier XE comes with MassLynx 4.1 Software for one-step setup and operation.

Vendor: Waters

Product: ACQUITY SQD UPLC/MS system; IntelliStart Diagnostic Software; LCT Premier XE

Availability: Now

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