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April 14, 2006 | I am very pleased that Bio•IT World has become a part of Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI). For the past 14 years, CHI has been organizing conferences covering a wide range of technical and strategy topics in the biomedical field for a worldwide audience. We focus on topics where technology and issues are rapidly shifting, imposing significant changes for researchers and managers. Almost every CHI conference includes some aspect of the impact of advances in informatics, computational approaches, or knowledge management.

These topics are at the heart of Bio•IT World. Going forward, we will intensify the focus of the magazine on these and related subjects, while covering implications for discovery, development and clinical trials. I firmly believe that how well an organization understands how to generate and interpret better information will be of strategic competitive advantage. One of our key goals will be to assist you and your colleagues to take advantage of these opportunities with articles, news, and analysis that highlight outstanding examples of what can be done.

I believe that CHI’s insights and experience from conferences can contribute to the editorial quality of Bio•IT World. Likewise, I fully expect Bio•IT World’s editorial expertise to enhance the value of many of our upcoming conferences. Some changes in these pages over the next few issues will be evident, others more subtle. We welcome your feedback, readers and advertisers alike, and hope many of you will respond to more personal requests in the coming months for feedback on specific questions. I strongly encourage any Bio•IT World reader to provide your thoughts by contacting me directly via e-mail at

Phillips Kuhl is president of Cambridge Healthtech Institute.

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