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deltaDOT Marks the Spot with Sequencer

July | August 2006 | deltaDOT announced the launch of Merlin, a capillary-based DNA sequencer providing a major step forward in low-cost rapid-throughput DNA sequencing, which incorporates advanced imaging technology developed by the company to enable label-free, rapid, high-throughput sequencing at low cost. Conventional DNA sequencing systems rely on the use of labels attached to the molecules to detect the presence of nucleic acids making up the DNA sequence. However, by incorporating deltaDOT’s Label Free Intrinsic Imaging (LFII) technology, Merlin is able to monitor unlabeled biomolecules directly, in real time. LFII works by using many hundreds of UV detectors to image the biomolecules as they traverse the capillary electrophoresis system. The advanced system incorporates signal-processing and data-mining tools to separate and identify unlabeled biomolecules, providing excellent resolution, sensitivity, and reproducibility of analysis.

Vendor: deltaDOT

Product: Merlin, a capillary-based DNA sequencer

Availability: Now

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