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The Power of Mass, Size, and Shape

July | August 2006 | Waters has introduced, according to the company, a first-of-its-kind mass spectrometry technology that differentiates sample ions by mass, size, and shape. The Waters Synapt High Definition MS (HDMS) System is designed for researchers working at the limits of conventional mass spectrometry and who need to further characterize and define complex samples. The Synapt HDMS system’s added dimension of separations fidelity leads to improved specificity and sample definition, allowing scientists to be able to extract more information about their samples, including the detection of previously undetected constituents. A key feature of this new system is the patented Waters Triwave technology, a unique methodology for combining highly efficient, ion-mobility-based measurement and separations with highly sensitive, accurate mass Q-TOF-MS.

Vendor: Waters

Product: Waters Synapt High Definition MS (HDMS) System

Availability: Now

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