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LC/MS Boasts Five Classes of Instruments

March 14, 2006 | Agilent Technologies’ 6000 Series LC/MS portfolio includes five classes of instruments, including the company’s first triple quadrupole and quadrupole TOF mass spectrometers. It also includes improved versions of its single quadrupole, ion trap, and TOF mass spectrometers. Each of the LC/MS instruments includes Agilent’s proprietary autotone technology, compatibility with Agilent’s multimode source and HPLC-Chip technology, and integrated LC and MS software for instrument control and data analysis. According to the company, the 6000 Series is expected to set a new standard in price performance, reliability, and ease-of-use that will transform productivity in the laboratory.

Vendor: Agilent Technologies

Products: HPLC-Chip/MS modules and 6000 Series LC/MS

Availability: Now

For more information: (877) 424-4536;

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