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March 14, 2006

The X Prize Foundation plans to offer a $5 million to $20 million prize to the first team that completely decodes the DNA of 100 or more people in a matter of weeks. The award will be the centerpiece of an effort by the X Prize Foundation to become “a global brand that establishes people as geniuses and innovators,” says chief executive and founder Peter Diamandis.

Compugen announced the development of an innovative in silico predictive approach allowing the discovery of novel human transcripts and proteins from portions of “junk” DNA. This methodology has already enabled the discovery by Compugen of several previously unknown therapeutic protein candidates.

The National Cancer Institute launched the three-year, $14 million Cancer Genetic Markers of Susceptibility initiative to conduct scans of the entire human genome to identify inherited mutations that make people susceptible to prostate and breast cancer.

Genzyme announced the availability of the BCR-ABL Mutation Analysis test to monitor drug resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia patients who are treated with Gleevec.

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