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HiSens Slides Make Sense

March 14, 2006 | Nexterion, a division of Schott North America, has developed HiSens slides designed to enhance the signal-to-noise ratios from microarray experiments by over eight times. Many microarray users employ fluorescent dyes as labels in their experiments to be able to detect two or more different dyes simultaneously; however, some microarray scanners are only able acquire a small proportion of the total fluorescence emitted from the spots on conventional slides. Using HiSens slides with their optical reflective coating technology overcomes this limitation. According to the company, these slides are well suited to applications requiring low concentrations of target material or that cannot be reliably amplified, such as measuring mRNAs or low-abundant proteins.

Vendor: Nexterion, a division of Schott North America

Products: HiSens microarray slides

Availability: Now

For more information: (914) 831-2200;

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